Portfolio Category: Basic Aquariums

Clear-Seal Starter Kit

The Clear-Seal Starter Kit is an ideal beginner aquarium for those wishing to keep small cold water fish. The kit comes complete with all you need to initially start up your aquarium including gravel, ornament, water treatment and food. Tank Dimensions 457 (L) x 250 (H) x 250 mm (W) Volume 28 Litres Colours Available…
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Clear-Seal 600

The Clear-Seal 600 is a complete aquarium system for coldwater fish. Ideal for the beginner hobbyist the Clear-Seal 600 aquarium comes with internal power filter and LED lights built into the hood. The aquarium is also easily adapted for tropical fish by adding a heater to the set-up Tank Dimensions 600 (L) x 450 (H)…
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Start 67

The Clear-Seal Start 67 is a great starter aquarium for the beginner fishkeeper. Suitable for cold water or tropical set-ups the kit comprises a quality glass aquarium with black plastic hood and trim, lighting system, and removable feeder cap. The aquarium has been built at 381 mm (15”) deep in order to create a more…
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