Clearseal basic glass aquariums are the ideal blank canvas to start fishkeeping. Available in a range of sizes, it is easy to decide which is the best option for you! There is no equipment included, just the glass aquarium so you are free to create a set-up of your choice. Clearseal aquariums come complete with 5-year manufacturers guarantee against leakage.

We also offer some 12” wide, 18”/24”/30” & 36” length plastic condensation covers to fit some of our basic glass aquariums. Sliding cover glass sets with plastic retaining tracks can made to order.

To help install your Clearseal aquarium safely, we offer base mats to fit between the aquarium and the surface they are to be sited on.                              

Manufactured in a dense black foam, it will even out slight imperfections under the aquarium however this is not a substitute for a flat and even surface. If the original surface is not flat, damage may occur to the aquarium.