Tortoise Tables

Our range of purpose built tortoise tables provide an ideal home for a tortoise, with realistic grass design on the glass viewing panel. The glass panel that sits at the front of the table is easily removable for cleaning purposes. 

It is suitable for housing two small species of Tortoise for up to the first 5-6 years of their lives.


The table features an enclosed bedding area for the tortoise to sleep, which can be accessed for easy cleaning via the lid with soft close hinges.

The open area has high edges to prevent the tortoise from escaping but still allow it to move around freely and securely. This area will benefit from being dressed with a substrate such as orchid bark.

The rear side has panel to which a UV can be mounted and there is stand to which a basking lamp can be attached.

The enclosure also comes with cable access holes. 

Colour Options

Available in two exquisite finishes; Grey Bardolino and Truffle Bardolino, the tortoise tables and table stands are made with 18mm board and 1mm ABS edging, which is fully assembled in the UK.

All colours from the Clear- Seal colour range available subject to a quote. 


Total dimensions (LxHxW): 915x265x457mm
Bedding area dimensions: 180x420mm
Open area dimensions: 680x420mm

Tortoise Table Stand

Our tortoise table stand accompanies the purpose built tortoise table.

Made with 18mm Board and 1mm ABS edging. 

Fully assembled in the UK. All colours from the Clear-Seal colour range available subject to a quote. 

Dimensions: 36 x 24 x 18”