• Shop Kits

    Shop Kits

    A variety of aquarium configurations, and standard pipework and filtration options are available from stock in standard packages. This allows…

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  • Coral Range

    Coral Range

    New Collection 2014 The Coral range of marine aquariums have a timeless design that provides a deep aquarium space for…

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  • Coral Table

    Coral Table

    All Clear-seal coral tables come complete with sliding P.V.C doors, all feature centre weir and a blue vinyl backing to…

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  • Reefspace Range

    Reefspace Range

    The contemporary Reefspace from Clear-Seal is a great starter salt water aquarium for the modern fishkeeper. Coming complete with a…

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  • Tropical Edgeline

    Tropical Edgeline

    The Edgeline tropical aquarium combines modern design with flexible set-up options. The open top construction makes the Edgeline a great…

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  • Drop Off Aquarium

    Drop Off Aquarium

    The Clearseal Drop Off aquarium combines a modern aquarium design with a unique 2 tier shape that is truly impressive.…

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  • Amazon Range

    Amazon Range

    The Amazon tropical range aquariums provide a good foundation for fishkeepers to customise their own set-up. The aquariums come complete…

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  • Start 67

    Start 67

    The Clear-Seal Start 67 is a great starter aquarium for the beginner fishkeeper. Suitable for cold water or tropical set-ups…

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  • Clear-Seal 600

    Clear-Seal 600

    The Clear-Seal 600 is a complete aquarium system for coldwater fish. Ideal for the beginner hobbyist the Clear-Seal 600 aquarium…

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  • Hemlock Barrique

    Hemlock Barrique

    This purpose built Tortoise table in Truffle Bardolino by Clear-Seal provides an ideal home for a tortoise. It has the high…

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  • Clear-Seal Starter Kit

    Clear-Seal Starter Kit

    The Clear-Seal Starter Kit is an ideal beginner aquarium for those wishing to keep small cold water fish. The kit…

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  • Marine Edgeline Nano

    Marine Edgeline Nano

    The marine nano aquarium with opti white glass on the front and sides. Three stage filtration compartments integrated at the…

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  • Marine Edgeline

    Marine Edgeline

    The Marine Edgeline aquarium combines modern design with flexible set-up options. Featuring 10mm low iron, extra clear glass and a braceless, weirless…

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  • Plant Weir back

    Plant Weir

    All Clear-seal plant weirs come complete with 4 dividers and sliding P.V.C doors. Pipework is included and they are configured…

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  • Premier Vivarium Stands

    Premier Vivarium Stands

    Available in Oak, Walnut & Beech, Clear-Seal's premier vivarium stand can only be used in conjunction with the premier vivariums.…

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  • Premier Vivariums

    Premier Vivariums

    Premier Vivariums Available in Oak, Walnut & Beech, Clear-Seal's hardback wooden vivariums come fully assembled ready for you to use.…

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