Marine Edgeline

The Marine Edgeline aquarium combines modern design with flexible set-up options. Featuring 10mm low iron, extra clear glass and a braceless, weirless design the aquarium provides good colour transfer and unobstructed viewing.

The Edgeline Marine comes complete with sturdy cabinet made from 36mm board and houses the sump which is included. The standard sump measures 790 (L) x 355 (H) x 380mm (W) and has an auto top up reservoir but Clear-Seal are able to make special ordered sumps*. The cabinet can be customised to suit a range of modern home decors*. The doors are available in a number of finishes and feature un-sprung hinges and touch catch closure, providing a modern appearance.

Tank Dimensions
Marine Edgeline - 900 (L) x 500 (H) x 500 mm (W)

Bespoke sizes available

225 Litres

Cabinet Dimensions
Marine Edgeline 900 - 900 (L) x 786 (H) x 500mm (W)

Bespoke sizes available

Cabinet Available in  Sand Zebrano, Opera Walnut, Lancaster Oak, Magnolia, White or Black

Doors Available in Lancaster Oak, Winchester Oak, Opera Walnut, Beech, Grey Zebrano, White Gloss, Magnolia, Red Gloss, White Gloss or Black Gloss.

The aquarium is available with minimal clear or black silicone seals and black or blue backing. Pipework priced separately.

*Extra cost may occur for customisation.

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