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A variety of aquarium configurations, and standard pipework and filtration options are available from stock in standard packages. This allows you to build up your displays in sections and ensures compatibility and flexibility in set-up.

Units are available for both tropical and marine set-ups and can come with filtration and pipework or this can be added as an extra package so that the units can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Frames Made from quality aluminium frames and finished with a sleek casing, these new displays provide a modern focal point for retail stores. With lift up end panels store staff can gain good access to tanks for picking fish and tank maintenance. The displays come flat packed and are quick and easy to assemble in store. Each display includes an area for the insertion of price cards.

The aquariums have been built by Clear-Seal so are of the reliable quality you expect from a Clear-Seal product. The raised back of the aquariums help to pre-vent fish from jumping from the tank.

Filtration & Pipework
Displays are available in packages with pipework and filtration or these elements can be purchased separately in standard kits. Pipework comes pre-assembled reducing the risk of incorrect assembly which may result in leaks or breaks. All pipe-work is created specifically for the rack configuration. A number of filtration options are available including block filtration or individual filtration in order to reduce the risk of spreading disease. The bottom can easily be converted for use as a sump tank for marine displays. All filtration elements can be concealed in the bottom cabinet in order to maintain a tidy appearance.

Frame Dimensions
1 Bay - 125 x 218 x 40cm
2 Bay - 250 x 218 x 40cm

Tank Dimensions
Raised Back - 125 x 40 x 42.8cm
Level - 125 x 40 x 35.5cm

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