Portfolio Tag: Marine Aquariums

Marine Edgeline

The Marine Edgeline aquarium combines modern design with flexible set-up options. Featuring 10mm low iron, extra clear glass and a braceless, weirless design the aquarium provides good colour transfer and unobstructed viewing. The Edgeline Marine comes complete with sturdy cabinet made from 36mm board and houses the sump which is included. The standard sump measures 790 (L)…
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Coral Range

New Collection 2014 The Coral range of marine aquariums have a timeless design that provides a deep aquarium space for impressive marine displays.  Coral aquariums come complete with cabinet and sump and benefit from a pre-fitted overflow weir in the main tank. The cabinet has a double door cupboard with soft close hinges and can be finished…
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Reefspace Range

The contemporary Reefspace from Clear-Seal is a great starter salt water aquarium for the modern fishkeeper. Coming complete with a stylish dedicated cabinet, the Reefspace provides a quality foundation for those wanting to customise their marine set up. The aquarium features low iron extra clear glass providing better colour transfer and clarity when looking at fish…
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