Portfolio Category: Tropical Aquariums


The new oak range from Clear-Seal offers a top quality English made base in oak or the paint finish of stone, topped off with a Clear-Seal aquarium. The three sizes available: 60cm cube, 90cm & 120cm. Cabinet dimensions are: 60cm cabinet: length 68.5cm x height 75cm x width 64.2cm (overall height including hood 146cm) 90cm cabinet: length…
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Tropical Edgeline

The Edgeline tropical aquarium combines modern design with flexible set-up options. The open top construction makes the Edgeline a great choice for those who would like to create a planted aquarium, allowing easy access for maintenance and cleaning and providing the foundation for the addition of your chosen lighting, filtration and heating. The Edgeline comes…
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Amazon Range

The Amazon tropical range aquariums provide a good foundation for fishkeepers to customise their own set-up. The aquariums come complete with a fully enclosed hood with space for your chosen lighting system.  The highly customisable built in cabinet features a double door cupboard with soft close hinges and push to open doors, providing storage for maintenance…
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