Following the Prime Minister's statement on 23rd March, in the interest of health and safety the factory is closed until further notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause at this difficult time.

Premier Vivariums

Premier Vivariums

Available in Oak, Walnut & Beech, Clear-Seal's hardback wooden vivariums come fully assembled ready for you to use. The vivariums come with cable access ports and plastic ventilation trims in the back panel. Premier Vivarium stands for Premier Vivariums are available.

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*Premier Vivarium stands are sold separate to Premier Vivariums.

Premier Vivariums are available in the following dimensions (in Oak, Walnut & Beech):

Length, Height, Width

61cm x 61cm x 45.7cm

91.5cm x 61cm x 45.7 cm

122cm x 61cm x 45.7cm

61cm x 45.7cm x 38.9cm

91.5cm x 45.7cm x 38.9cm

122cm x 45.7cm x 38.9cm

91.5cm x 45.7cm x 45.7cm

122cm x 45.7cm x 45.7cm

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