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New model Amazon aquariums

A new model of the Clear-Seal classic Amazon aquarium has been released.

The Amazon tropical range aquariums provide a good foundation for fishkeepers to customise their own set-up. The aquariums come complete with a fully enclosed hood with space for your chosen lighting system.  The highly customisable built in cabinet features a double door cupboard with soft close hinges and push to open doors, providing storage for maintenance equipment and accessories.

And we are only offering Black Vinyl Black silicone…just to keep it a simple range.

Sizes available are

24 x 24 x 15 Aquarium
24 x 28 x 15 1 Door Cabinet

36 x 24 x 15 Aquarium
36 x 28 x 15 2 Door Cabinet

48 x 24 x 15 Aquarium
48 x 28 x 15 2 Door Cabinet

60 x 24 x 15 Aquarium
60 x 28 x 15 3 Door Cabinet


Available throughout in colours from the standard and extended colour ranges or doors can be made in a contrasting colour from the standard and extended range.

The aquarium has black silicone seals and black backing

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